African Head Wrap Tutorial no2

  I haven’t been around for a while but I am back sharing a beautiful African headwrap tutorial which I found via YouTube. I have been getting a lot of education relating to my looking after my natural hair via using natural homemade products. Many of these beautiful sisters also share protective styles which include […]

African head wrap buy yours

African headwrap buys yours. I love all the how-to head wraps on my Pinterest account. I also like the lady’s fashion style. I have been looking at matching some of their outfits via especially the headscarves they use to create their beautiful African head wrap. This is the first try of an outfit that […]

What is your favorite way to wear your hair and why?

  I would love to know what is your favorite way to wear your hair and why? The reason I’m being nosy asking is that at present I am torn between whether to have a wig or put back in my wool braids. I am a braids person, more than a wig or weave wearer. […]

The Best of The Real McCoy Comedy Show

The Best of The Real McCoy Comedy Show – Sketches     I want to share the sketches I love from the great show The Real McCoy. The Real McCoy was a BBC Television comedy show which ran from 1991 to 1996, which featured many talented Black comedy stars. While also showcasing up and coming […]

A Strong black woman at the age of 77

When I saw this strong black woman in my Yahoo stories feed I was just like WOW. Just beautiful. Ernestine Shepherd aged 77 years old started bodybuilding at the tender age of 56 years old. Yes, you read right 56, all because she was suffering depression. You see what can happen when you channel your […]

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