5 Creative Valentines Craft Ideas for Her

Note: I hope you love the products I suggest. With my suggestions, I collect a small commission from the links used. This will not affect the final price you pay.  Valentine’s day is here again and maybe this year wants to create a gift instead of purchasing one. Well, I’m sharing 5 great creative Valentine […]


10 DIY Advent Calendars that Need little Effort

  Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to look at ways to count down to Christmas in advent calendar style.  On my Amazon travels as you do,  I found 10 beautiful DIY advent calendars that need very little effort. Meaning they look DIY’ed (is that even a word? Well now it is :)) as […]


African head wrap buy yours

African headwrap buys yours. I love all the how-to head wraps on my Pinterest account. I also like the lady’s fashion style. I have been looking at matching some of their outfits via Amazon.com especially the headscarves they use to create their beautiful African head wrap. This is the first try of an outfit that […]


Female weather presenters wear the same dress from amazon

  Female weather presenters wear the same dress from amazon, an actually as quite cute in style too. I saw this dress in my morning reading the yahoo new routine while waiting for my email to load. It seems that all the female meteorologists aka female weather presenters in the USA are enjoying this dress. […]