Merry Christmas

  I would like to Thank You for all the business support, social followings, and more in 2015. My business or blog would not be here if it were not for you. Thank you. I look forward to 2016 and what it may bring.


Pinterest helps Shape my New Style at 40

I’ve been deciding on the direction I want it to go in for this blog. So I’ve decided to share what feels good or if I need to just empty my heads of thoughts (that happens a lot). I know that’s not in the rule book of blogging. But to tell you the truth I […]


how often should you blog

How often should you blog? is a common question bloggers will start to ask themselves, or do a search for. Thinking there’s a blogging routine and if you follow it, A, B & C will happen. Well if you been blogging for any amount of time you know that trial and error is part of […]


Merry Christmas to You

I would like to thank all my customers, readers, followers, friends, and family for all the support over this past year. I look forward to what adventures the New Year will bring for me and my business.   Thank you again for your support and I will see you in 2013   God Bless and […]


Jamaican Independence Day 2012 is Coming

I have not added anything for a while sorry about that. ¬†Today’s post is a peak look at a greeting card I have been working on for Jamaican Independence Day 2012. Its just around the corner and i thought i must create something to help with the celebrations. This designs will be available soon.

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