JWGreetings Supports The Pink and Diamond Affair

The Pink and Diamond Affair is a  charity event arranged by a lady named Carol. This event is to raise funds and awareness for following charity organisations ACLT (African Caribbean Leukemia Trust), Cancer Research UK and SACRYD (Strategic Alliance of Communities Rejecting Youth Destruction). JWGreetings donated a batch of greetings cards that will one of the many prizes available […]


The Festive Season needs Festive Designs

  Christmas is just around the corner and I have designed a selection of festive greeting cards that its ideal to send to your loved ones. They are based on the family theme which all should look to embrace around this special time. Below are 2 designs to give you a little preview. The rest […]


How I go from Sketch to a completed Card Online

From reading my past posts you know that I get inspiration for my designs from everywhere. Well, I wanted to take it a step forward and share with you how one design I had gone from a messy sketch to finally end up on my website. Even though the video is short the actual process […]


A Few Head of Designs

These designs have been on the website a little while but I have not got around to placing them on here and over the internet as i should. These designs are all about the hairstyles of yester years. Showcasing the smooth sleek afros, or the high top with short back and sides and not forgetting […]


A Fresh New Look, for a Fresh New Year!

Hi all, I know its being a while since I have communicated with you all, however you have still supported and followed the goings on here and over at JWGreetings and I THANK U for that. I have a had a lot on my plate however even though some of that still needs sorting, I […]

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