Greeting Cards for People of Colour, My Journey

Years ago I had to buy a greeting card for my mom for mother’s day. I did what many people do; I went into many shops lokking ar greeting cards. Spent large amounts of time flicking through loads of mundane greeting cards. The majority of them featured flowers, teddy bears, flowers, European people, and more […]

Don’t send a text

A greeting card can bring happy time tears

At last I’ve put my designs up for others to enjoy and share. Let’s go way back in the day! The first card I made was for my late mom (in 2001). I made it for Mother’s Day 7 years ago from the date of this post. She is and will always be my queen. […]


JWGreetings now has a Blog

Hello all. As you can see I have started a blog for the website. I have removed all the messages from the website to here. The news section of the site is still active, however I will be putting the information on here also. This first blog is going to be quite long due, to […]

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