4 Beautiful African Headwrap Tutorials

Sharing with you 4 beautiful African headwraps tutorials. These are great for when you don’t want to do your hair but still need to hit the streets. Sometimes we just need a few go-to headwraps styles that will look amazing without the effort. These 4 African headwraps are shown to you by the lovely Toni […]


African Head Wrap Tutorial no2

African Head Wrap Tutorial. I haven’t been around for a while but I am back sharing a beautiful African headwrap tutorial that I found via YouTube. I have been getting a lot of education relating to my looking after my natural hair via using natural homemade products. Many of these beautiful sisters also share protective […]


What is your favorite way to wear your hair and why?

  I would love to know what is your favorite way to wear your hair and why? The reason I’m being nosy asking is that at present I am torn between whether to have a wig or put back in my wool braids. I am a braids person, more than a wig or weave wearer. […]

rescue oil review

My Rescue Oil Review

Rescue Oil loves blemishes and marks I have personally been using rescue oil for over 2 years and I can honestly say that this product does exactly what it says on the tin. It is ideal if you have uneven skin tones, stretch marks, pregnancy stretch marks, aging skin, dehydrated skin, and of course scars. […]


African Head Dress How 2

  African designed printed fabric is a great love for me. I find so much inspiration in the designs and colors used to create them. I especially love it when the fabrics are used to create African garments like head wraps. I don’t wear head wraps often myself but when I wanted to get started […]

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