One year today I wrote about my girlie ice skater greeting card design. Also in that post (which you can read here), I mentioned that I don’t see any black ice skaters on TV”. Now 1 year on I am watching Yannick Bonheur and Vanessa James, 1st black due ice skating couple competing in the Winter Olympics, thanks to youtube.



Watch it with your children, it will encourage them to see sports as a career, while also seeing people who reflect their identity. I will say this when I watched it and they were flying fly and doing fast, twirly routines I was nervous for them. When he throws her in the air, I kept saying to myself don’t drop, don’t drop. You know what she landed perfectly it was skillful, artistic, and beautiful.

More positive images of us on the big screen, small screen, and youtube screen is what I hope to continue to see.

Watch and enjoy..

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