Michelle Obama is in her own league already, beautiful, intelligent, articulate, kind, honest, and humble just to name a few. This iconic first lady has started a campaign to help childhood obesity.


Michelle Obama - Lets Move Campaign


Even though childhood obesity starts from home, Michelle is getting to these overweight kids at the one place they can not hide and that at school. Fitness can be boring, not fashionable, and not trendy until you mix fitness with the queen of R’n’B Beyonce and you have a fitness routine that every child wants to learn, master, and show off to others.

I have been watching YouTube videos with this new routine and it’s becoming a craze not only for the USA but for the world. Look how long fitness routines have been going on for; you only have to visit Amazon to see the number of different fitness DVDs and fitness books that are available for every part of the body and then some.

So with all these available workouts, it’s the dance routines that the singers come out with that get us off the couch and moving. However, saying that this obesity campaign with Beyonce and Michelle Obama and I believe has broken barriers and most importantly weight issues that are rising fast. The funny thing is the fact that the routine is promoted as a fitness workout, and yet the mass are embracing it 100% which I think is fantastic.

Below are 2 videos the first is the official Beyonce video for the campaign and the second is a school doing the routine but the best bit is that you have the first lady doing the routine as well, how humbling is that.


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