Rescue Oil loves blemishes and marks

I have personally been using rescue oil for over 2 years and I can honestly say that this product works. It is ideal if you have uneven skin tones, stretch marks, pregnancy stretch marks, aging skin, dehydrated skin, and of course scars.




It all started back in the middle of 2008 when one morning I was graced with an ugly spot on top of my lip to the left of my nostrils. Not a place you can easily hide, oh how I tried but again not an easy place to hide. When my new spotty friend went through the soar stage, then the whitehead stage and proceeded to pop it. Oh my days did it hurt, anyway after it bled a bit as they do, I was happy to think that after about a day or two my lip would look how it always did. However I was wrong, oh it did go away but it left a very dark mark on my skin. I thought I would be able to cover this new beauty spot somehow, with foundations but it found its way through every time.



Rescue Oil had competition called Bio-Oil

At the time of all this happening, there was an ad on the tv that showed Bio-Oil as a solution to my worries but when I went to get some the price stopped me dead in my tracks,  £9.99 ‘are you crazy, ‘I will find another way to hide this sucker’. A few days went by and the mark was still saying smiling to everyone I met, then I went into my local Home Bargain store, oh how I loved that store.  I saw a product that looked like the Bio-Oil product but with a different name and this is when  I and Rescue Oil first me. it was love at the sight of the price of 99p. I knew Home Bargain was the money saver of shopping but this was brilliant, I brought 4 bottles with change, and smiles all around.

Creating a facial routine with Rescue Oil

I couldn’t wait to get the rescue oil home to see if it worked. I tried it as soon as I got in, and found that it smelt really nice but when I put some on my skin and rubbed it in it was still oily. Being of dark complexion having an oily patch on my face was as bad as having the dark mark.

“So I decided to just apply it at night before I went to bed and this became my nightly beauty routine.”

At first, nothing happened, you know how we get if something is supposed to happen we are there in the mirror looking hard for changes. Forget the fact that it had only been 2 or 3 days. After a while, I forgot about looking at the mark until one morning I realized that I had to look pretty hard to find the dark mark. It had faded really well, I continued to use it and one day I looked in the mirror to find it, had gone completely – hooray.


Rescue Oil USA
BUY from Amazon UK

I couldn’t stop using it, as it actually worked

As I mentioned before, I have been using it for over 2 years. You see, after seeing how it worked so perfectly on my dark mark, I started applying it to my many other blemishes and uneven skin tones, of all sizes, there was no stopping me now. Plus a small amount goes a very long way, I am on bottle number 2 and it’s not even at the halfway mark way.

So there you have it if you need a helping hand with uneven skin tones, scars, etc then Rescue Oil is the friend you need to find. By all means, if you are happy spending the extra cash for Bio-Oil go right ahead but I don’t see why you need to spend more when the cheaper one does the same job.



Answering some questions about Rescue Oil


What is rescue oil good for?
Rescue oil benefits

Rescue Oil by Derma V10 is a blend of natural oils which soothes and improve the appearance of the skin. With regular use, Rescue Oil assists in restoring the skin’s natural skin tone around marks, on the skin. I have read it can also help in the rejuvenation of wrinkled, sagging skin, however, I didn’t buy it or use it for those reasons.



Can Rescue oil clear stretch marks?

“Scars are permanent in nature, and although Rescue Oil is formulated to help improve their appearance, it will never remove them completely. Rescue Oil helps to improve the appearance of existing stretch marks.” by Derma V10.
I have stretch marks from 1) having a growth spurt when younger and 2, from childbirth. I have never considered removing my stretch marks. It’s just not been in my mind. I see them as a part of my life adventure.


Thus I never brought rescue oil for my stretch marks. From the experience of rescue oil evening out my skin tone and making, my spot mark disappear, I would say if you wanted to it would help make them become less over time. However, the beauty of rescue oil is it takes time. and with stretch marks that are from life’s adventures, you may have had them for many many years before knowing about rescue oil. I say this to make you aware that it would take time for you to see a difference. An if you do see a change quicker that’s great.


Does rescue oil lighten the skin?

Rescue oil does not lighten your skin like say bleaching your skin would. You don’t get a lighter area from where you have used rescue oil. So if that was a worry, worry no more. Rescue oil simply, I say simply like it’s an easy process. The oils even out your natural skin tone while diminishing the blemishes, marks, etc.. in the process.


Can I apply rescue oil on my face?

Yes, you can apply rescue oil to your face. I first started using it on my face as that was where my spot left its marks. Like I shared above about my experience, I made it part of my night-time routine. It is a little oily, so I felt it was best to use it at night. Plus our bodies do amazing things while we sleep, so applying rescue oil at night was a great time to use it. For me using it in the day, with all that environmental pollution in the air getting to your skin. Rescue oil has to work twice as hard. Whereas at night your sleep can be free of environmental pollution and simple breath with ease, while rescue oil worked its magic.



Can I mix rescue oil with my cream?

This is my personal opinion, but I would not mix rescue oil with a cream. The rescue has a special blend of oils. Your cream will have many other ingredients. Even if the cream was vegan or planted based it’s still got its own blend of ingredients. Mixing different skincare products is unknown unless the product says that it’s ok to do so. Plus I would say that rescue oil is an oil and does not need any help in doing what’s it doing to your skin. The cream is used to add moisture. Rescue oil can do that as well as help even out your skin tones and remove blemishes.



Is rescue oil the same as bio-oil?
Rescue oil vs bio-oil

After using rescue oil for a while and when it finished, I took a second look at bio-oil. I went to Superdrug to get a look at the ingredients & what I read did not fill me with confidence, it contains a lot of synthetic components. I knew bio-oil was not for me, also I noticed how light bio-oil is.


Rescue oil ingredients

Prunus Persica (Peach Kernel) Oil

Isopropyl Myristate

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil

Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil

Tocopheryl Acetate


How many ml is rescue oil?

Rescue Oil is available in a few different sizes.
You can get the small size of 60ml, medium 75 ml


Over to you, please share your results with us: 

How long were you using it before you saw your results?
How do you find the oil on your skin?
Do you use it in the day or at night?
Do you have any questions, share away.



  2. Jesse

    I’ve just purchased a bottle of Rescue Oil today for 99p! Looking at the testimonials, this thing seems pretty great.
    Thanks for posting this, it was helpful!

    1. Janet

      It’s my pleasure. Come back after you have been using it to share your results.

  3. Jagimo

    How long did you use rescue oil until you noticed a change?

    1. Janet

      I think I noticed a change after about 3-4 weeks but it all depends on how dark your blemish is. You have to stick with it though to see results, use it every night make it come part of your regime like washing your face and brushing your teeth before you go to bed.

      Quick me updated with how its going,

  4. hannah

    Hey there Janet 🙂
    I bought Rescue Oil instead Bio Oil since it is way cheaper, with the thoughts that it would not really work the same like Bio Oil. My face is easily dried and prone to break outs. The oil is not really oily that makes you feel like you’re wiping the fried chicken leftover oil. I feel that it sunk into the face few minutes after I applied. I really like Rescue Oil and I really can see the difference on my face now. Ive been using it for a month, but sometimes I forgot to apply onto the face. To tell you the truth, I opted more on using Rescue Oil instead of moisturizers, as I believe it has more to give than just normal moisturizers. Im a happy user!

    1. Janet

      Hi Hannah

      I’m glad Rescue oil has helped you with your beauty needs. Using it as a moisturisers is a new way of using it. If it works for you and you are seeing, results that is making you happy that’s all that matters.

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to share your personal experience, with me.

      Blessing Janet

    2. Emily

      Great post, I saw this oil but was scared thinking it could be a cheap imitation . I will buy some and use it especially on my dry gardening hands! Will let you know if I notice improvements,. Thanks

      1. Janet


        Thank you for reading. Yes please let us know how you get on with it.

        Blessings Janet

  5. Lana

    Dear Janet

    I have been using this rescue oil on this horrible dark scares i have from playing rugby, it seems to have gone lighter but i have alot of little dark scares, and i am not very precise when applying the rescue oil, i just apply it all over, and it involves some of the normal skin tone i have. Will the oil also affect my normal skin colour ?


    Kind Regards Lana.Z

    1. Janet

      Hi Lana

      Thanks for stopping by. By using the Bio Oil on your skin it should not affect the skin that is ok. When i use it (which is not very often now) i rub it on the area not just on the blemishes or dark marks. So as you are using now that’s fine.

      Come back and let us know how you get on

      Blessings Janet

  6. Maya

    Hey ladies!

    I am too a fan of rescue oil! What I do is take some Aloe Vera Gel (99.9%! Can be bought at any health store or Holland and Barrett) and a couple of drops of rescue oil – mix in the palm of your hand and there you have it! Fantastic!

    1. Janet

      Hi Maya,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I have not heard of using Aloe Vera with Rescue Oil.
      Thanks for the share..
      Blessing Janet

  7. Yuval Oren

    Hey Janet,
    I have these really gross looking stretch marks on my hips and a little starting on my stomach. I was deciding between rescue oil and bio oil. I got onto amazon and was about to buy bio oil then I decided not to. I did some more research when I found your article. It is really good advice and I just ordered rescue oil. It will arrive in about 3-5 business days so I will keep you updated. Thanks!!

    1. Janet

      Hi Yuval,

      I’m glad my information has helped you make a decision. Yes please keep me updated I want to know your results and in what time frame you start to see results.

      Blessings Janet

  8. Tolu Ini

    Hello Janet,

    I was unfortunate to apply fake moisturizer on my skin right now i am having dark knuckles. Is it better if I mix Fair & White vitamin C serum with Rescue oil and apply it orally to make it a permanent body moisturizer.

    Thank you

    1. Janet

      Hi Ya Tolu

      I cannot advise on mixing anything with Rescue Oil as i have not done anything like that myself. Fair & White is a bleaching skin lotion, you have to be careful with products that bleach your skin to make it lighter. Bleaching actually makes your skin thinner for you are stripping in down. So mixing a bleach skin lotion with rescue oil i do not see would make any sense. Rescue oil is natural and fades away dark marks and blemishes slowly but safely, where as bleaching your skin is so on a different level. Mixing 2 different types of products like that could affect your skin in the wrong way.

      Why don’t you use the rescue oil for say 1 month on your knuckles and see how that goes. At the end of the month you can then see the results and decide what plan of action to take next.

      Blessings Janet

      PS: When you comment it has to be approved be me 1st, meaning you will not see it on my blog straight away. Don’t worry i do see your comments and do reply to them as soon as i possibly can.

  9. flora

    I went into a beauty store to buy bio-oil for stretch marks at my arms and buttock but it wasn’t in their stock.while I was looking at something else to buy,I saw rescue oil.i decided to give it a try ,I wish this oil works for me.

    1. Janet


      How have you been getting on with your rescue oil purchase? I hope you come back a share.

      Blessings Janet

  10. Kirsty

    Hi Janet
    I recently got bought some rescue oil by my fiancé mum as a birthday present
    I am 35+4 weeks pregnant is this product safe to use during pregnancy as I have quite a few stretch marks and would love for some of them to fade why I have time to apply the oil before baby comes and I end up forgetting too
    Thanks Kirsty

    1. Janet

      Hi Kirsty

      Congrats on your new baby by the time you read this. How did you get on with the oil, did you use it or not. I was going to say i cannot answers that as i have not used it myself when i was pregnant. But after you have given birth yes start using it.

      If you are already using it share how you going.

      Blessings Janet

  11. Bissluv

    Hi, pls, how am I to use d rescue oil if am to use it for my face nd body? Am I to mix it with cream? If yes, cn u prescribe any cream for a fair lady? Thanks

    1. Janet

      Hi Bissluv,

      You just rub the Rescue oil onto the areas where you want to fade your blemishes or marks. You don’t mix it with any creams, just use it on its own. As it can leave a shine you may find it better using it at night, like i do.

      Blessings Janet

  12. Royalty

    Am medium skin complexion lady,l used makari lotion dat made me dark n also left ugly dark spots on my face,l recently bout rescue oil n roushun body lotion.l do use d oil be4 d cream,dnt no if it will work am scared

    1. Janet

      Hi Royalty

      Keep using it, be consistent and you should see results. Not sure if its a good idea using it with your roushun body lotion.

      Blessings Janet

  13. Royalty

    Hy Janet,rescue oil does it have fake nd were can l get d original one please

    1. Janet

      Hi ya Royalty

      I don’t think there is a fake one but I can’t guarantee that. You can get it from most chemists. You can also get it from amazon but as i don’t know where you are based here is a link for Rescue oil from and

      Let me know how you get on using it.

      Blessings Janet

      p.s the links are affiliate links meaning i get a small commission if you use them.

  14. Ronke

    Have been using rescue oil for 2 weeks now and am beginning to notice it’s making my face light though it’s working but at a slow rate. Am glad I bought it.

    1. Janet

      Hi ya ROnke,

      It does work at a slow rate as its natural its working in harmony with your skin. You say your skin is getting light. I take it the scars or marks are on your face , then all the rescue oil is doing is evening out your skin tone along with the blemishes.

      Thanks for sharing, keep us updated

      Blessings Janet

  15. Abiola

    Hi Janet, I just got my rescue oil after reading your article. I have so many scars and have got sunburn as well. Can I use d rescue oil all over my body? Instead of concentrating on my scars, knuckles and sunburn alone…

    1. Janet

      Hi Ya Abiola,
      Why would you need to rub it all over your body. I would focus on your the areas where your scars are, plus you don’t have to be exact when applying, its fine spreading a little wider. But I don’t see the need to apply it all over like a body moisturize. I have never used it like this, so its totally your call.

      Do come and updates on your results and in what period of time.
      Blessings Janet

  16. Jade

    Hi Janet, I went to a store to get something for my very old scars and stretch marks which make me uncomfy. And I was given Rescue Oil lotion have not seen any difference.
    Do you think I should have gone for the oil instead?

    1. Janet

      Hi ya Jade,

      To be honest with you I never knew there was a lotion for rescue oil. If you have not seen any results with the lotion then try the oil.
      Blessings Janet

  17. Rachel

    Hi Janet!
    I found this product at pound land today and thought for the price of £1 why not give it a go. My scars are quite old and I haven’t been able to do much about them because other treatments were so expensive which left me excited when I saw this for so cheap. Do you know how effective it is on slightly older scars as well as ones that have only recently made an appearance? Thanks for posting a review on it, I was looking for reassurance after being sceptic that something so cheap can live up to what more expensive products are said to achieve 🙂

    1. Janet

      Hi ya Rachel,

      You found it for a £1 that’s great, the cheapest I can get it for now is £1.99. I will have to pop into Poundland now. The age of the scars does not matter as it works the same on all scars and marks. I have used it on some of my stretch marks that I have had for years and they are faded now.

      Keep us updated on how you get on.
      Blessings Janet

  18. Helen Langford

    Hi girls I wanted to share a quick tip for using oil… On your face a great way to get maximum absorption is to warm a little oil (couple of drops only) in the palm of your hands then place the palm of your hands on your face for 5- 10 seconds then just keep working it over your face by putting your hands in a different place and holding. You don’t need to apply any pressure it’s the warmth of your hands and the dabbing motion that help you to absorb it better.

    On your body the best thing to do is to apply within 3 minutes of stepping out of a warm shower. Straight after lightly dabbing off any excess water and then massage in with your fingertips. Also for optimum results it’s very good to use a moisturiser on top of body oils to seal in the oil.

    I use rescue oil on my body it’s really nice I use that in the morning and Elemis Japanese Camellia body oil at night and clarins face oil. Body and face oils are so fantastic and rescue oil is unbelievable value for money. I honestly don’t think it is hugely different in terms of moisturization then the Elemis body oil. Great product. I used it throughout my pregnancy. Xxx

    1. Janet

      Hi Ya Helen,

      Thanks for sharing such an in depth process for applying oils. I’m sure some of us will be trying it out.

      Blessings Janet

  19. princess

    Hello I got one for sis today she asked me to buy bio oil but I end up buying rescue oil hop I don’t regret and I want does it lightening the skin?

    1. Janet Walker

      HI ya Princess,

      No it does not lighten your skin, is evens out the skin tone only where the blemish is.
      Let us know how your sister gets on

      Blessings Janet

  20. Lauren Hemstock

    Hi there, I bought this today and was wondering do you advise a shower before putting it on? I will be putting it on every night.

    1. Janet Walker

      Hi ya Lauren,

      You don’t have to shower before using it, that’s totally up to you. But If it’s on your face then washing your face is a good idea, especially if you were wearing make up.

      Keep us updated on how you get on

      Blessings Janet

  21. Jenny

    pls, can one use rescue oil as face and body cream? if no what cream do u think will be good for a little light skin? someone said I should use Piment Doux but I said I will confirm before buying it, I don’t want the one I will buy and change tomorrow…pls help.

    1. Janet

      HI Jenny,
      I personally use my rescue oil at night so I don’t cream my face afterwards. As the rescued oil is a bit oily it’s better to use as a nightly regime then you allow it to work while you sleep. Then in the day, you can use your usual creams. I can’t help you with creams I only ever use pure shea butter as my overall body cream.

      I hope this helps
      Blessings Janet

  22. Annelle Marie De La Rosa

    I just bought this is my first day of really hopeless for my very obvious dark spots on my face.i hope it will work on my skin.will come back if i see any result or changes on my skin.but i just put small.drops now for 3 hrs i think my skin got dis freshness again.i hope it wont break me out🙈

    1. Janet

      Hi Annelle,
      Thanks for sharing. I hope it works for you too. I’m not sure what you mean where you say “dis fressness I hope it wont break me out”. Please come back an update it, let us know how you are getting on.


  23. Yaa Darkowaa

    Heyy please does the rescue oil work for pimples and acne?

    1. Janet

      Greetings Yaa Darkowaa

      Rescue oil is for dark marks on the skin & not for pimples & acne. Not knowing how severe your pimples & acne problem is are I would suggest researching into a cleaner fresher diet may be could help. Again I don’t know your diet or any other medical issues you may have.

      Have a beautiful day Janet

  24. Linda tieku

    Please I want to know if rescue oil works for damage skin in the process of bleaching

    1. Janet

      Greeting tiekulinda2
      Do you mean you have damaged skin from bleaching your skin? Or are you in the process of bleaching your skin at present?
      You would have to be more clear. But I will say that if you are bleaching your skin (not recommended) don’t use Rescue oil at the same time.
      However is you are referring to my 1st statement, I ask this question how damaged is your skin, and have you seen a doctor concerning this.
      Rescue oil helps even out your skin tone naturally. If you have damaged skin you would need that healed first, as your skin has gone through a lot already.

      I hope this helps

  25. Vhi

    I jus got the oil today and I hope it works on making my skin glow nd helps fade out the stretch marks on my ass.. again pls can I apply it alone or add my st Ives cream

    1. Janet

      Greetings Vhi, welcome. I would use it alone. Also I would try using it before you go to bed, an see how oily it is on your skin. If your happy with what you see then use it in the day. Keep us updated Janet

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