How to tie an African headwrap will always be the starting question after people see all the most beautiful African headwrap styles online & in real life. The answer to this question is not one answer. As you can tell people have their own way of wearing an African headwrap.





However saying that I want to share with you a beautiful lady how from the video below, shares an easy way for you to get started. What I will say before you dive into the video is to make sure the material you use to tie your African headwrap is long or big enough to effectively complete the wrap.





After watching the above video on how to tie an African headwrap. You have either tried yourself & love it. Or you don’t have a head scarf or material big enough at the moment to try. Either way, I don’t want to stop there, I’ want to share another beautiful lady who will share a few more ways to tie an African wrap. Like I said there are a few ways to wrap a beautiful headwrap.



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