Pink Ice Skater

This image came from a sketch I did a while back. I do this quite often. I get ideas and roughly sketch them down and come back to them at a later date. It helps me free my brain of all the ideas swimming around.


I wanted this image to be very girlie pink. Deciding not to place it in a specific category worked best for many occasions would work with this design. Especially if the person receiving it was actively involved in ice skating. Personally I don’t see any black ice skaters on TV, there must be black people who are into ice skating for we all are different, want different things, do different things, achieve different goals, have different  goals etc.. it would be nice to see this via a media which is on 24 7 365 (TV).

If you are involved in ice skating and would like to see more designs related to this area, just drop me a comment or feedback via the website.

Enjoy the design and enjoy life.

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