Hi all,

I know its being a while since I have communicated with you all, however you have still supported and followed the goings on here and over at JWGreetings and I THANK U for that.

I have a had a lot on my plate however even though some of that still needs sorting, I am now able to breathe more easier. I will be back on form posting here, adding new designs at base and catching up with you on twitter and facebook.

I tell you when you work for yourself life aint easy. You have no one to fall back on, no one to carry the load when you really need it. Its those times I have to thank god for giving me the strength to carry on, juggle business and personal while looking after my well being.

By the time you get to read this post you may already have seen the total re-vamped refreshing new website design. I absolutely love it, I’m not going to lie the website has had a few layout changes over the years but this one really fits 2011. Its a new year, fresh horizons and the new products JWGreetings will be looking to explore this year, it all just fits together nicely :). Talking about new products you will see 12 new designs spread throughout the website, enjoy and look forward to new products and design coming soon.

Have a great evening


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