If you are a regular to my blog and website, you will see that the website looks a little different in terms of the composition but the overall look of images and links looks the same. If you are new stick with me anyway :) I finished updating my website, which took me 2 solid weeks to do. To look at it you wouldn’t think I did anything but that’s just the surface, the pretty things you see. As long the clicks take you to where they should then all seems good. All the hard work I did was behind the scenes.






By the 2nd week, it had turned into a challenge because it was getting less and less motivating for me. After the initial hard work I then had to cut and paste every page detail into my new website layout, I thought I would not have to do this but I was wrong. When I finished I was so thankful that I pushed myself to complete it.


When I uploaded my work, happiness, and being proud filled me. When you work for yourself you don’t have the privilege of co-workers or bosses pushing you and motivating you on, that job is all down to one person. I had overcome a challenge, which I never planned for.


That night I sat down wrote my thankfulness and what I had achieved in the day, into my gratitude diary, which I started in December 2009. My goal was to have a deeper level of understanding of my feelings and how my actions affected me. I did not want a diary that merely recorded the day’s actual events but how the day’s events affected me on an emotional level. Since doing it, it has inspired me in more ways than one.


It got me thinking about you the readers, are you really thankful? We hustle and bustle every day, working hard to pay those bills, to put food on the table but have you ever thought what if I didn’t have what I have? I constantly share with my maker how thankful I am because I know there are others who are less fortunate than myself.


In my diary I have written I am thankful for having a roof over my family’s heads, and I am blessed to be able to put food on the table and clothes and our backs, Now this is something we use and do every day without actually acknowledging it, but we would acknowledge if we woke up without these privileges. Yes, I called the privileges, because those without a roof over their heads are thankful for being alive, or being able to find somewhere warm to sleep.


Here’s something you could do, it’s simple but very effective:
Stop what you are doing and sit down, and look around the room at all your items of furniture, gadgets, etc.. Think about the food you have brought, and the car you drive, then imagine you and your family without them.

What would be better to do?

Be thankful for what you have now, or Pray in pain when it’s gone.

Don’t wait till your back against the wall, to appreciate what you have in your life.


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