My Water Fasting Experience – this time around

My first meal after a 9 day only water fast (216hours). Watermelon never tasted so amazing. ➡Squeeze lemon over your watermelon you can thank me later. This is not my first water fast and it won’t be my last. ​ 🔹I went into this fast with a heavy Chinese takeaway me an the kids had. […]

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How to Tie an African Headwrap

How to tie an African headwrap will always be the starting question after people see all the most beautiful African headwrap styles online & in real life. The answer to this question is not one answer. As you can tell people have their own way of wearing an African headwrap.     PIN FOR READING […]

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How to Recycle Old Crayons to Make Candles

Making candles is fun but being able to recycle items you already have to make candles is even better. If you have old or small crayons lying around, instead of throwing them away why not use them to make candles? Kids will love this project and it shows them other uses for their old crayons. […]

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