My first meal after a 9 day only water fast (216hours). Watermelon never tasted so amazing. ➡Squeeze lemon over your watermelon you can thank me later. This is not my first water fast and it won’t be my last.

🔹I went into this fast with a heavy Chinese takeaway me an the kids had. A cyst growing at the back of my left knee and my calf swollen half it size with fluid. 3 boxes of medication from the doc. 1st pills to sort out the inflammation around the cyst (not to deal with the cause). 2nd pills to deal with the affects of the 1st pills as they are harsh on the internal body. 3rd pills for pain which the nurse said be careful they can cause addiction 😟.

So I chose to fast. After 9 days I’m lighter, feel amazing, renewed and strengthened my immune system. My leg after research an finding a natural oil to massage my leg. My leg is better, cyst gone.

Why do I share because
✅ After a fast you really appreciate the food you eat. I’ve been planning what I will eat, finding new recipes etc.. I’m a fruits and veg only

✅ After 72hours (3 days) you regenerate new cells, boosting your immune system

✅ You gain a cleaner body, clarity for the mind, discipline, resilience & patience

Appreciate your body, we can take it for grant real easily. Its an amazing will never be fully understood vessel. Sometimes we need to go within to reset. The world will still be there. But you’ll be different.

Grand rising

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