This simple scarf requires only a few basic knitting skills:  casting on, the knit stitch, changing yarns, and casting off. Simple and hassle-free, this scarf is a perfect project for beginning knitters, but also for the more experienced.

To start this scarf, collect yarn scraps in any texture, size, or color. Depending on the desired length of the scarf, cast on 150 to 250 stitches (leaving a tail of 14 inches) on size 10 needles. For a shorter scarf, cast on a number of stitches closer to 150; for a longer scarf, cast on closer to 250 stitches.

Knit one to five rows with the starting yarn, and then cut the yarn (again, leaving a 14-inch tail), Choose another yarn in any texture or color and knit another one to five rows. Continue in this manner, making certain to always leave a tail of 14 inches when changing yarns. These tails will serve as the scarf’s fringe.



Finishing the simple scarf

When the scarf is the desired width, cast off and cut yarn, leaving a 14-inch tail. Take every two strands of the fringe and tie them together again (they should already be tied once from switching yarns). Do this with all fringe pieces on that side and then repeat with all the yarn strands on another side of the fringe.


Next, decide on the desired length of the fringe.  Good lengths are from seven to 14 inches. If leaving the fringe at 14 inches, trim any uneven ends. If making the fringe shorter, measure with a tape measure or ruler and cut, also checking for uneven ends. The scarf is now finished.


If desired, the fringe can be cut unevenly for a unique,  funky look. It is best to keep the fringe lengths within a few inches of each other, such as seven to nine inches or 12 to 14 inches. Drastic differences in fringe length can make the scarf look too messy.

How to Knit an Simple Scarf With Leftover Yarn

Other creative knitting ideas

 Try knitting the scarf in only one color, but use several different types of yarn and different shades of colour. Or, mix and match your favorite colours to create a striped pattern. Another idea is to use only one type of yarn, such as four-ply cotton, but use multiple colours.


Cast on 250 stitches and begin the scarf as directed above. However, instead of knitting 20 to 30 rows, knit until the scarf’s width measures 15 to 20 inches. This will result in a very wide scarf that can be used as a shawl. Use thick, heavy yarns for a warm winter shawl, or thinner,  lighter yarns for a spring or summer wrap.

Using the same technique of yarn changes and fringe,  cast on fewer stitches (about 25) to create a colorful bracelet. Use the fringe to tie onto the wrist. To make a unique, multi-hued belt, cast on 250 stitches, but only knit 10 to 12 rows. For a shorter belt, cast on fewer stitches.




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