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I want to share the sketches I love from the great show The Real McCoy. The Real McCoy was a BBC Television comedy show which ran from 1991 to 1996 and featured many talented Black comedy stars. While also showcasing up-and-coming Black comedians. It was a great mixture of short sketches and stand-up comedy, the material reflected Black culture and traditions.

I Love a Good Old Laugh, Don’t You and The Real McCoy Comedy Show Give Its

Let The Real McCoy Comedy Show Entertain Us!

Like so many black families, I also loved The Real McCoy comedy show. It was nice to have a Tv show that reflected black living with the laughter element added. I remember looking forward to watching it, my family would make sure we had done everything we needed to do, so we would not have to move away from the tv once the program had started. It. Having a program dedicated to entertaining the black community was something we needed and wanted. There was something in there that every black family could relate to at one time or another.

This list will ONLY contain videos of the main comedian stars doing sketches. I have created a list or should I say lens, that features the up-and-coming comedians, check them out when you are done here.

It’s time to laugh…

First, you may want to…

  1. Switch off your phone
  2. Turn down the tv or better yet switch it OFF
  3. Get some food
  4. Get a drink
  5. Get comfortable
  6. Be ready to laugh ūüôā



Laughing Side Effects

If you experience any…

Pains in your sides
Your jaws begin to ache
Or in severe cases
Weakness of the bladder

Then PLEASE do the following..

Move away from your screen and take a short walk.
Laugh at your own RISK!

Video Dating

Dinner Date

Auntie and Hyacinth

The Real McCoy Supporting Great New Talent

Apart from many laughs, the show also showcased new upcoming talent.¬†These new comedians were allowed to showcase their skills and talent to an audience that loved them and supported them. In that era, there weren’t many venues for them to use as a stepping stone into the world of comedy. Luckily for them, The Real McCoy team¬†embraced these new talents with open arms. To date many of these new talents have become¬†successful stars in their own right which is great, however, they will¬†always be remembered for appearing on The Real McCoy.

It’s a ¬†shame we don’t have something like this on UK TV anymore. However, saying that if the BBC decided to run repeats of the real McCoy I don’t think many people would complain. These sketches years ago still bring people to tears in laughter. That’s what I call great comedy. They have been shared with generations after generations and it still gets them laughing.¬†

Want more click here to laugh even more

Did you enjoy it? What was your favorite sketch from the real McCoy show?



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