Having black birthday cards that reflect our culture’s past, present and future is important for it allows us to have a product that is produced solely for our cultural needs. There are many cultural titles that are used today which range from black, afro, afro-Caribbean, afro-American, African, and African-American. However, the symbolism of black birthday greeting cards reflects them all whichever title we identify with.




Black birthday cards are not wildly available, unlike commercially massed produced birthday cards that have generalised designs. Even though there are thousands of places where you can purchase a birthday card that number is drastically reduced when it comes to purchasing black birthday cards. You will be able to find birthday cards that are black cultured via the internet. Purchasing online it not difficult well it shouldn’t be. The only difference between purchasing online instead of from a high street shop is that you pay for postage and packaging.


Of course, purchasing your black birthday cards online saves a lot of leg work especially if you don’t know of any greeting card shops that stock black greeting cards. Some online sites specialize in electronic greeting cards usually known as ecards or e-cards. These greeting cards are sent to your loved ones via email, instead of opening an envelope you click open your inbox. If you receive a black birthday card via your email you always have the option of printing it out and displaying it for others to see.


I have seen a few sites that offer handmade black greeting cards. These cards are made by physically adding embellishments, like buttons, fabric, etc to the front of the card. Purchasing black birthday cards that are handmade may be more expensive due to the time it takes to produce each one.





Photograph-style greeting cards are becoming more commonplace in the black greeting card market. They are simple to put together, many of these types of greeting cards I have seen are not actually titled as birthday cards however they do have a black cultural theme, so they could be sent as birthday cards. Adding the words happy birthday inside the greeting card solves that little dilemma. You could easily produce a photo greeting card yourself if you wanted to, I will write a post on this subject soon.

As technology grows so does computer graphics, with that is allows artists, illustrators, and graphic designers to bring their work to the masses. More designers and artists are taking their work to the greeting cards market with great success. Creating their pieces of art once the beauty of the computer age allows that 1 design to become mass-produced all thanks to the printer.


A lot of black greeting card designers use this route to show their work. Many designs I have seen do include the greeting card title on the front of the greeting card, which is ideal when looking for that special black birthday card. When the artist/designer creates a greeting card they have a lot more flexibility when adapting a card for a certain category.



Sending your loved one a black birthday card is such a beautiful gift within itself. It would be great to find many black birthday cards that can be sent to mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nephews, and nieces. Also, those black birthday cards that highlight those special landmark ages of sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, and eighty are a must but again hard to find.


Locating that birthday card that relates to your recipient might be difficult. Nevertheless do not give up it is out there somewhere, more and more black greeting cards are coming forth and sharing in the embracing of black culture so do not be disheartened if you do not succeed in finding what you need straight away.



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