I got sent a link from a friend relating to essential oils and how they can help with concentration and maths. Well, it came at the right time, as I recently attended parents’ evening. The common line recited to me was he needs to focus more. Oh, how I know this so well. I tell you if he concentrated on his work a little more like he is laser-focused on his computer games (which are only played when school work is completed) he would be dangerous but in a good way.




What are these essential oils then?

The 1st essential oil which is good for concentration is Rosemary oil. This research shared findings from ancient times. They would put the Rosemary oil on bouquets to smell, also on their pillows at night. Now the writer also goes on to say that Lavender oil is great for memory and maths. We are now getting subject-specific.

The writer states that by blending the Rosemary essential oil and Lavender essential oil you would get a total recall. Awesome concentration heightened, the memory boosted, throw in the maths lessons and it should be pretty great at school. So my plan is to blend these two blended together and add drops to my son’s pillow at night.

At present, I only have lavender so I have been letting my son smell the beautiful scent before school. I told him it will help him in his maths lesson. He came back to ask what about English or Science, I replied your on your own there. He replied “Oh o.k”. Since that conversation, I have to change the maths to include all subjects, so it becomes a placebo effect.

So what do you think of what I’ve shared? Have you heard about this before? Are you already using these oils for the same reasons? If so share in the comments below.

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