I created Valentine’s counting worksheet, yes I did!

School is back on in full effect and the kids are loving it. I’m so glad that my kids fully enjoy learning whether at school or at home. My youngest aged 5 at the time of writing this, has a thing for wanting to learn a lot of maths. He’s all into his time tables and doing sums on doubling.



We’ve also been creating mini worksheets to aid in his excitement of learning maths. So while they are in bed it’s 11.46 pm I have just created my 1st Valentine counting worksheet for preschool.


Yeah, my son’s not in preschool anymore but I just wanted to create something that was really simple but effective for the younger ones who are starting on the learning journey of maths. Plus as Valentine is just around the corner I thought it was a great theme to go with.


Click here to download your copy














  2. Tracy Foley

    I have confirmed my email address 2 times but still have not received the download printable??

    1. Janet

      Thanks for your message, sorry about not receiving the download. You should have received an email from me along with your free download. Janet

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