I would love to know what is your favorite way to wear your hair and why? The reason I’m being nosy asking is that at present I am torn between whether to have a wig or put back in my wool braids.

I am a braids person, more than a wig or weave wearer. However, as I have had my braids is for a long time and have now taken them out. Gave my hair a well-needed wash and deep condition, I’m now torn between getting a wig and just cornrow my natural hair or put my braids back in.

With my braids I can attend to my roots, I still have to redo my braids after a period of time and redo them, which are the parts I don’t like. Now with a wig, I cornrow my hair and put on a wig, I will have to keep redoing my cornrows when they get messy. As I haven’t worn a wig for the longest time, so I will have to find one that suits me again.

black hair


I was trying some wigs on today and it was a tiring experience. In a small shop packed to the brim with black hair products, wigs, and people buying. Plus I had the pushchair and my son wanting to pull anything within his reach. After trying on about 5 I was done.

So here I am stuck in the middle. Before you ask “why not just go natural and leave my natural hair out”. I would if I didn’t get bored with doing different protective styles all the time. I’m not into my hair like some people, I just want it done and then I can leave my head alone.

So while I’m still deciding on which way to go, I would love for you to share your favorite way you wear your hair and why, in the comments.

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