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Christmas is around the corner & even though I do not celebrate it many people do. So in this post we are looking at advent calendars. Which is a great way people like to count down the day until that big festive day..  On my Amazon travels as you do,  I found some lovely designs that look like a great way to count down the days. Some looked DIY’ed (is that even a word? Well now it is :))  So you can even say you made it yourself. Plus you  found some that are just exciting to open just to see what s inside.




1: Advent Calendar for Filling

You could easily pull of “I created this advent calendar myself”. With its 24 drawers to open each day. You simply place a little treat inside each drawer. You could also add a little note say a few special words. It look elegant and lush to display.




2: Barbie The Bomb Advent Calendar

This advent calendar its super way to countdown to Christmas while pampering yourself or the kids each day. In each window, you will find a bath bomb. Inside the girls advent calendar you will find 6 x heart bath bombs, 6 x star bath bombs, 6 x bags of bath noodles, 6 x bags of bath confetti and 1 x large bath bomb. Discover a new surprise every day.



3:  Wooden Advent Calendar

beautiful Advent calendars to fill, delight children and adults and shorten the waiting time for Christmas. The excitement for the next door is great when you can fill with gifts such as sweets, vouchers, jewellery, chocolate and other gifts.



4: DIY Craft Advent Calendar Kit

How different is this an advent calendar you can actually wear after Christmas is over.  From Dec 1 to Christmas, every day has a special number and each number is a different jewelry gift. From Dec 1 open first Window: a nice bracelet, continue to open window 2,3,4….. , coming to a different and special charm every day. When you open the Window on the 24th, Christmas has arrived.



5: LEGO City Advent Calendar

This one is my sons favorite, you can’t go wrong with lego. But a lego themed advent calendar you actually build with, is genius. It can be reused year after year. An even when Christmas has long gone the lego pieces will still be in play. This lego set gives you a set also includes a snowman, reindeer, puppy and kitten animal figures, Santa’s sleigh and LEGO Christmas tree mini builds, gifts & more. Plus if you already have lego you can, make it bigger and better each year.


6: A Wooden Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

Gingerbread always makes the Christmas season real. I don’t like ginger biscuits but when I see it in the shops I know Christmas is on its way. Everyone loves making gingerbread houses but this advent calendar is created for you out of wood. The set includes 24 interchangeable wooden drawers, to hide treats in. Plus you can change the order of the drawers, so each year will be a little different.


7: Wooden Advent Calendar with LED Lights

If you thought the about advent calendar was amazing, well this one is double that. Talk about elegant and a show stopper. I’m not sure the kids should be anywhere near this one. Unless they are really careful lol. This is just beautiful and a wonderful way to count down to Christmas. What a great way to find treats each day until Christmas.


8: Beauty Advent Calendar

Last but by no means least let talk make up advent calendar. Yes, you can only use this once, but you can always buy another one next year. This calendar contains 24 products and deluxe samples from some of our most-loved beauty trends. This would be great for the moms to get a lovely treat each day. Or Mother & daughter treats.


diy advent calendar

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